Date Version Changes
27.04.2002 Initial Version 0.1 (Timecount)
dclock widget example with preferences to change name + starttime.
29.04.2002 Version 0.1.1
Time.h,Time.cpp & TimeGUI.ui added. Completely rewritten TimeGUI.
Moved counttime to DigitalClock widget.
Added some Access Funktions to DigitalClock.
Changed PreferencesGUI to be more standart like.
30.04.2002 Version 0.1.2
Added a ComboBox to the Preferences Dialog to change the Format
of the stored times (RTL; Normal Time)
06.05.2002 KRunning created (TimeCount based) Version 0.1
DBConnection added. TeamEdit added. RunnerEdit added.
krunning view changed.
29.05.2002 Version 0.1.1 (KRunning)
DBConnection some bugs fixed. Changed to a global DBConnection Object (dbconn)
This makes some things much easier. Fixed the exit Bug.
09.07.2002 Version 0.1.2 (KRunning)
Added some Message Boxes to let the user change the database settings
if no connection was established on startup. Also the tables
could be created automaticaly. Added EventEdit (not ready).
22.07.2002 Version 0.1.3 (KRunning)
EventEdit works. The Database was totally rewritten. All Tables take
use of sequences (instead of runners). Also foreign keys are defined.
mainEventCombo Box added to ensure that Events bind to times ...
23.07.2002 Version 0.1.4 (KRunning)
Fixed the nation column in the database tables.
Fixed some things in the RunnerEdit class.
Added some Functions in the DBConnection to get Runners by Event etc.
09.08.2002 Version 0.1.5 (KRunning)
Updatet the ShowRunner Widget. Added the feature to show the time with MSecs. (DigitalClock)
Changed the time database table to store times as string. So we could store times with msecs on every database without problems.
Added setMessageFont to DigitalClock to Change te font of the Message...
Changed min max in the event struct to a startnumberframe string so we could handle more different startnumbers per event
Changed the starttime from int to QTime and stored the time as a text in the database.
Added RunnerListItem Class to ShowRunner.
Added a new GeneralEvent Page to Preferences Dialog.
14.08.2002 Version 0.1.6 (KRunning)
Added initial Print support to ShowRunnerClass and fixed a bug there (Add Column bug)
Changed the file export format struct to enum. Added UITools which brings MainIconListBox & MainIconListItem (for the main menue)
Added PositionControlGUI. Added initial Print support for the TeamEdit Widget. Added getTimeLitsByEvent to ensure that time & position dialog
do the correct things. Added enums to control which widget is visible. (Its easier if a new one appears).
Updated the Time Widget that users could enter numbers directly and added a popupMenu whil let the user delete times.
16.08.2002 Version 0.1.7 (KRunning)
Added runnertimeObj. So every DBObj is now represented by an Object.
Fixed the TimeCounter resize problem.
Added some function to PositionControl (+db functions). Added the PopupMenu to TimeList.
Changed the ListBox int the TimeCount Window to a ListView.
Fixed the db Objs so that they sores the sequence numbers after a save call.
Added the checkIfRunnerInEvent function.
30.08.2002 Version 0.1.8 (KRunning)
Added Widgets to define Number Blocks in EventEdit. Added compare funktion to sort numbers correkt in ListViews.
Added Pixmap to main Icon View (Help needed here). Added runnernumber searching in initTimelist().
Fixed 2 Bugs in TimeCount Widget. And created TimeViewItem to store times in Item format.
Added .pot file to add translations to krunning. Fixed some things in PositionControl
04.09.2002 Version 0.1.9 (KRunning)
All Print specific functions were done in the Printing class also Header and Footer printing.
Added EvaluationGUI which shows some information about the current Event and shows the evaluation progress.
Added some functions to the PositionControlDialog. Now its possible to manage runners->times;
Added some features to DBConnection and ShowRunner so tthat the evaluatet results could be watched.
The DBConnection API is now 80% complete. Evaluation works
for Total,Class,Team and Sex listings.
11.09.2002 Version 0.2.0 (KRunning)
Fixed the Progressbar in the Evaluation Dialog.
Added SQLite Database to KRunning now you didn't have to install Postgres or MySQL choose SQLite driver and a file based database
would be created. Changed to whole DBConnection API to work with SQLite. Fixed a small start bug. Changed the TeansEditDialog
to work with a KListView instead of QDataTable so we could use it with SQLite too.
13.09.2002 Version 0.2.1 (KRunning)
The EventEdit Widget emits now a signal if a new Event is created to ensure that the toolbar always shows all events.
A few usability fixes (grays some edit fields ...). Fixed a huge startup bug whcih causes a crash at first start.
Translation fixes. Added update teams to change a teamname after created it.
17.09.2002 Version 0.2.2 (KRunning)
Added a new DateEdit Widget.
TeamEvaluation added. Fixed some small bugs.
20.09.2002 Version 0.2.3 (KRunning)
Class Evaluation added. Added initial Print support fro Class & Teamresult lists.
Autocompletion for the RunnerEdit Widget added. Added Option to remember the last event in RunnerEdit Mode.
Certification Widget added. Added Update function for Events and Times to DBConnection class.
Updated the TeamEvaluation.
21.09.2002 Version 0.2.4 (KRunning)
Fixed some things in the PositionDialog and
included all KDE Widgets Headers into the ui files (i hope this would resolve gcc3.x build problems).
29.09.2002 Version 0.2.5 (KRunning)
Added functionality to add Startnumber frames to the EventEdit Dialog. And use them in Edit Runner Dialog.
Added functions to select a special amount of runners in the certification view.
TeamSize is now configurable. Added a ListBox to ignore a team for team evaluation (maybe no team).
Password is now saved encoded in the config file.
30.09.2002 Version 0.2.6 (KRunning)
Print improvements. Translation fixes. Menubar didn`t use ui.rc files anymore. So KRunning is more flexible.
The Menustructure has also changed.
04.10.2002 Version 0.2.7 (KRunning)
Added export Result List as HTML file. Added Runnernumbers to Teamresultlist and Teamnames to Classresultlist.
Print improvements. Time Import for timecount files added.
13.10.2002 Version 0.2.8 (KRunning)
Show all runners option added to ShowRunner dialog. FullScreen support for TimeCount Widget.
Time Export function added. Stylesheet support for HTML output.
31.10.2002 Version 0.2.9 (KRunning)
Added filedialog to DBConnection widget to load SQLite Databases.
Update Runner fixed. Dialog to change a Runnernumber added. CSS fixed. HTML export fixed.
Added Organisation and Event to the Certification. Initial Drag & Drop support for the Position Control widget.
Added some new Icons, and converted all Icons to PNG format.
08.12.2002 Version 0.3.0 (KRunning)
Fixed a drag & drop bug in position control widget. Changed count function to get count (*) from all tables using countString.
Fixed the grant statements so that even Sequences are public.
Added a comment column to store a comment to each runner.
Added Header to the printed result lists. Fixed a compile error in Time.cpp
13.04.2003 Version 0.3.1 (KRunning)
Sqlite update to 2.8.0. GCC 3.2 compile fixes. Fixed a bug that caused that no more runners could be added to a
sqlite database. New Sqlite databse choose dialog.
25.05.2003 Version 0.3.2 (KRunning)
Fixed a crash in DBConnection if the wrong filename was selected in the filename dialog.
Removed the old connection dialog.
19.07.2003 Version 0.3.3 (KRunning)
Fixed a focus misstake (event dialog). Added Team Im/Export function. Fixed recent files enties.
Replaced the KTextEdit Widget in cause of some compile problems. Show City,Street in the runner dialog.
10.08.2003 Version 0.3.4 (KRunning)
Fixed the Tab & Space Seperator Strings.
13.12.2003 Version 0.3.5 (KRunning)
Added French Translation (Thanks Jaap).
Fixed a bug in the Database initialisation.
Updated the SQLite database to Version 2.8.6.
05.06.2005 Version 0.3.7 (KRunning)
Added Italian translation (Thanks Massimo)
Fixed Speed printing options. Added new "Add Event" Dialog
Update sqlite to 2.8.16
24.06.2006 Version 0.4 (KRunning)
Two small compile fixes and a Kubuntu Package of KRunning.