Second Debian Version of KRunning 0.5 relased
This release fixed some compiler bugs and some other errors.
And it comes with a rewritten database backend.


First Debian Version of KRunning 0.4 relased
Again after a long time KRunning 0.4 is out
As Ubuntu/Debian Release package ... expect more ..


Released KRunning V0.3.6
After a long time .. KRunning 0.3.6 is out.
With average speed display and some fixed bugs.


Released KRunning V0.3.5 RPM's
Released the first RPM's for SuSE 9.0 ...


Released KRunning V0.2.0
SQLite was integrated into these release. You don't have to install an external database anymore.


Released KRunning V0.1.7
Look in ChangeLog to see what happened. Look in README to see how to create a database for KRunning. You have to create a new database table because some things have changed.


Released KRunning V0.1.2
Event editing was added and the automatic creation of the database tables was added.
Again look at the qt_sqldriver dir for the postgres sql libs.


Released KRunning V0.1.1
A lot of changes were made in this version. Team Editing works now. Ans some bugs were fixed.
Look at the qt_sqldriver dir for the postgres sql libs.


Released KRunning V0.1.0
This a totally new Version of KRunning its written for KDE 3.
This is only a first try.. dont expect too much. But i hope this will be a new beginning ...


Released TimeCount V0.1.2
TimeCount is for Users with not database and with QT3 on their machine
it counts time and exports them to KRunning look on the screenshots page for a pic.